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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 - Android

Image of Samsung SA-S5570GYSP Cellphone - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Steel Gray

This phone is not supposed to compete with the big bad smart phones but with connectivity and full access to social networking sites through applications and internet the Galaxy mini is a force on its own and it has a market of its own.

This device is one of the most cutest and adorable out there in the market though given its dimensions and structure the screen could have been bigger but besides that there are little problems with this phone and the material of the phone allows for little trouble with finger prints due to its plastic exterior and black color.

The design of the phone is simple and its colors are fresh and exciting, and the device definitely feels good and solid in the hand. The 3.14” inch screen is one of QVGA resolution but for a low end phone that is more than acceptable. The good thing though is that the screen responds to multi touch actions and the contrast of the screen is good and the colors come out fine. The battery of the phone might last if the phone was not powered by android but that is the trade off android phones require a lot of energy and consequently the battery timing is not that good so with heavy usage the phone should last a day or a day and half before it needs recharging.

The phone is charged with Froyo and the TouchWiz interface has been added which makes the interface look pretty and delicate and allows easy usage of the functions. The TouchWiz launcher allows the user to keep a look on the currently running applications and keep a check on them.

The phonebook is touchwiz enhanced and is excellent. It has the much wanted unlimited capacity and it hold all the contact from various sources in one place so there is no need to go back anf forth to find a number. The mini also pack the quick contact features only showing the bare details of the contact while the larger details can be see consequently by clicking. This is a very handy feature and one that the mini really benefits from.

The telephony of the phone was good and calls were sent and received without hassle. The sound and quality was not amazing but it was good and definitely workable.

The messaging application for the mini was surprisingly welcome as it was similar to the other larger smart phones. The synchronizing of Gmail and the generic mail is done in a very efficient seamless way and the visual is also very nice.

The mini like many other android phones reduces the quality of the pictures but It has some really nice effects which are fun to play with and you can browse through either albums or photos. The music player and the video player are basic and nothing that one should be ecstatic about.

The Mini is a very good phone on a budget and a value for money and given the functions it offers you it is a true bargain.


Top ten Android Phones of 2011

Looking at the rapid advance in technologies it is getting difficult for people to choose a cell phone. Cell phones are now getting personalized day by day and thus it is hard to decide what one wants and what not. In the leading market of cell phones, the fastest growing networks of phones are based on Google’s O.S, the Android. This review brings to you the top 10 Android phones available in the market at the moment.

  1. HTC Sensation
  2. Image of HTC Sensation Z710E Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Wi-Fi and GPS - No Warranty - Black
    The first dual core phone from HTC having a beautiful 4.3 inch display and excellent features without the heat up problem that galaxy S 2 faces, this is no doubt the best Android phone available in the market at the moment.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S2
  4. Image of Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 16 GB Unlocked GSM Smartphone, Noble Black
    The first dual core phone having a superb display makes it one of the top around. The only problem is that since it is so thin, it tends to heat up. If that was not the case it would have been number 1.

  5. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  6. Image of Sony Ericsson LT15a Xperia Arc Unlocked Phone with Android 2.3 and 4.2-Inch Multi-Touch Display--U.S Warranty (Midnight Blue)
    The beautiful 4.2 inch phone having 1 GHz processor and a unique design makes this phone stand out of the league. With most up to date Android and a nice camera makes it a feature rich phone and a phone which makes it one of the best around.

  8. Image of HTC Desire S S510E Unlocked QuadBand GSM Phone with Android OS, 3.7" Display, HTC Sense UI, 5 MP Camera, Wi-Fi and GPS--International Version without Warranty
    Taking the lead in the 3.7 inch screen competition is the HTC Desire S. with the latest Android installed and a nice camera with a fast processor this phone fits hand easily and makes the phone fun to use and work with.

  9. HTC Incredible S
  10. Image of HTC Incredible S S710E Unlocked Cell Phone
    A 4 inch Super LCD display, 1GHz snapdragon processor and an eight mega pixel shooter makes this phone one of the best 4 inch screen phones around. Videos are nice and crispy as the pictures are. This phone is worth the money.

  11. Google Nexus S
  12. Image of Samsung Google Nexus S Smartphone with US 3G, 5MP Camera, Android OS, Touch Screen - No Warranty - Black
    Google’s version of their own software with specs same as that of Samsung Galaxy S is better in the sense that the Android software is not topped with touchwiz as galaxy s is thus it makes the nexus S a lot less buggy and thus it stands at position number 6.

  14. Image of HTC Inspire 4G Unlocked Phone A9192, Black
    Big 4.3 inch screen, fast processor, nice HTC Sense integration, nice camera but old design and an year old sales make the phone stand at number 7. It is worth the money and less buggy than many modern phones.

  15. Samsung Galaxy S:
  16. Image of Samsung I9000T Galaxy S 8GB Unlocked Cell Phone with Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth--International Version with 1 Year Warranty (Black)
    High resolution display, fast processor, sleek design brings this phone by Samsung in at position number 8. The phone although nice but is glitch due to touch wiz which is on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

  17. Motorola Atrix
  18. Image of Motorola Atrix 4G MB861 Unlocked GSM Phone with Android 2.2 OS, Dual Core, 5MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Black
    A dual core phone with a long battery time. 5 megapixel camera to takes pictures and record HD videos at 720p. And conversion of a phone into a partial netbook brings the phone into the top 10 phones available in the market.

  19. HTC Wildfire.
  20. The phone is compact and up to date. Has a small screen to it’s advantage for ones and disadvantage for others. The phone carries most of the features in every category thinkable. Disadvantage is the lack of processing speed and memory. It costs a lot less than many phones.

Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9780 smartphone

The Bold 9780 is not trying to replace the blackberry legacy nor is it trying to come into competition with the big bad boys of Apple and Android. It is just trying to cater to what it already has and give its customers what they expect and improve their experience. The phone comes equipped with a newer version of the blackberry OS.

In its packaging the blackberry bold comes with the usual headset, micro USB cable and the all important charger but you also get a case for carrying and protecting the phone which is very welcome and a 2GB memory card is thrown into the mix as well.

The phone with its dimension is not the tiniest of the blackberry armory but it is easy to hold in the hand and its weight is comfortable to adjust to as well. The phone is comprised of plastic and a little bit of leather but it still looks good and surprisingly sturdy.

The Blackberry range of phones are not known for having swashbuckling displays and highly developed screens but nonetheless they deliver quality and even without using the most latest technology the bold has a screen that gives good results and is easy to use in an outdoor environment as well. The colors of the screen are nice and crisp and the reflection from the screen is not too much therefore if you are out in the sun or under it as is the case many times you do not need to worry about not being able to read the screen.

The keyboard of the QWERTY is very easy to use and the phone has managed to make the functioning of the keypad still very comfortable even though the size of this device has been reduced from its predecessor.

The phone has the usual stuff located around its body and there are no surprises for blackberry users there. The battery of this bold though is not as impressive as other blackberry’s in the market but still it has done quite well and will last up to three days if you use your phone on a less frequent basis.

The device is small though but for optimal comfort in using the phone it’s better to put both your hands to use.

The interface is helped with the newer version of the OS but frankly the changed are minimal and while the interface does look fresher the overall reality of it is pretty much the same. The icons though have been made a lot more vibrant and been brought together in groups rather than viewed as separate.

The phonebook for bold has been given a much need makeover and that is what was required as the phonebook is one of the best available.

The Bold 9780 is a handy device and if you like reliability and have a lot of work related stuff such as telephone calls and emails coming to you all the time then this device is good, the problem for the Bold is that what it has to offer is also coming from other competitors and in much better packages and perks which is not good news for the Bold.


Unlocked Sony Xperia Play android smartphone

This phone was referred to as the “PlayStation Phone” as eager gamers awaited its release in March 2011. However, Sony was more creative and decided to name it after a line of smartphones they had already produced (Sony Xperia). The Sony Xperia Play is a phone that was marketed specifically toward people who enjoyed playing video games. The device was even designed after the Sony PlayStation controllers.

The black and white Xperia play appears to be a typical phone at 119mm in height, 62mm in width, and 16mm thick. When you slide out the bottom you expect a QWERTY keyboard, but out pops a familiar looking D-Pad. On the left there are direction keys and the right side contains the iconic triangle, square, circle, and X keys of the PlayStation controller. Instead of the pop-out analog sticks, the Xperia Play has flat, touch analog buttons with circles in the middle so your fingers do not get off track.

The left and right shoulder buttons are on the back as per usual. They have conveniently placed the volume buttons between the shoulder buttons so you do not end up turning it down during play. People who have tested out and used the Play have noted that the make is sturdy. In other words, when you slide open the console you do not feel like it will break, unlike some slider devices.

This phone has a 1GHz QualComm MSMB255 Snapdragon processor with an Adreno 205 GPU graphics chip. The Sony Xperia Play runs with the Android 2.3. operating system, Android’s most recent operation system referred to as gingerbread. The Play is loaded with a great OS and processor to support its many needs.

As of now, the phone is suitable and has access to all Sony PlayStation One games. As a bonus to the gamer, Sony has made the Xperia Play with stereo speakers instead of mono outputs. The stereo speakers increase the quality of the audio of the PlayStation One games. Furthermore, the screen resolution is 480 by 854 pixels, which is perfect for original PlayStation games. Sony has added an 8GB microSD which is suitable for a gaming system, considering the PSP only comes with a 2GB card. Even though an 8GB microSD card comes with the device, it has the ability to sustain a 32GB MicroSD card.

On top of being a great gaming system and phone, the Sony Xperia also functions as a camera phone. It has a 5 megapixel camera. The camera contains modes such as geo-tagging and image stabilization. It also has auto-focus capabilities and an LED flash. The Play camera has the ability to take 2592 x 1944pixel images. It can also capture videos.

Sony promises 5.5 hours of gameplay with their 1500mAH battery. The 5.5 hours of game play is easily comparable to that of the PlayStation Portable, which does not even have the added features such as a phone and camera. The Xperia Play can easily work for 22 hours of light phone use.


Unlocked Motorola Atrix Android Smartphone

Image of Motorola Atrix 4G MB861 Unlocked GSM Phone with Android 2.2 OS, Dual Core, 5MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Black

The Motorola Atrix has received the name of “The World’s Most Powerful Smartphone”. It is also known as Motorola’s most advanced smart phone, even though they have released quite a few great smart phones in the past. This phone is definitely innovative in many ways.

The Motorola Atrix is a smartphone that has the ability to turn in to a multimedia laptop. In collaboration with a lapdock, the Motorola Atrix simply turns in to a laptop, with most of the same functions of a decent working laptop. The lapdock serves as a dock for the Atrix, just as iPod docks function as a dock for an iPod. The only difference is that iPod docks are generally used to amplify music, the lapdock amplifies the multimedia aspects of the Atrix. This is one of the main reasons that the Motorola is known as such advancement in technology.

Another interesting feature of the Atrix is its security system. The lock is not a passcode or in interesting puzzle on the touch screen. The unlock feature is actually a scan bar at the top of the phone that looks like a power button or even a remote control sensor. It is actually a finger scanner which is quite high-tech and advanced. Those who have tested the phone say that it is near impossible to fool it, even with your other fingers. So this phone is perfect for those who lose their phones frequently. It is also for those who keep secure information on their phone.

In terms of appearance, the phone is black in colour. It is 117.8mm in height, 63.5mm in width and 11mm thick. It weighs approximately 135 grams. It is quite simple on the front with its home and return touch keys as well as the search and menu touch keys. The Atrix also has a bare back with just the unlock scanner at the top. The screen is made from high-end Gorilla glass and is 4” in dimension.

The Atrix runs using Android 2.2 FroYo, which is actually an older version of the Android OS. There has been some speculation that an upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread may be made available. The device has a 1GHz dual core Tegra 2 processor.

The phone has 16GB of available storage. It comes with Bluetooth v2.1 and Adobe Flash 10.2 preloaded. Motorola also includes an HDMI and USB cables with the Atrix.

The device has a 5MP camera that can take photos with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. It has geo-tagging, auto-focus capabilities, and an LED flash. The Atrix also has a front-facing camera for video chat. The front facing cameral is 0.3 MP which is decent for video chat. This camera also has the ability to record in HD.

The battery life of its 1930mAH battery is great. It may have something to do with the fact that the Atrix downgraded in OS, but stayed with a high end processor. Those who have tested it say that you can get almost 9 hours of constant talk time with it.


Unlocked Nokia N8 smart phone

The Nokia N8 is a candy bar smart phone that was released midway through 2010. It is a compact smart phone and is desired just for that, not to mention its colour scheme. The device is also referred to as the Nokia N98 and Nokia N8-00.

The phone comes in black, pink, orange, green, blue and gray. The multiple color schemes are typical of Nokia. The phone has a metallic finish, which makes the colour of the device beautiful. The phone is 4.47 inches in length, 2.32 inches in width, and 0.51 inches thick. The phone weighs 135 grams. It is small and light making it comfortable to carry in your pocket. The physical appearance of the phone makes it look durable. The front has the screen and basically nothing else. There is a button below the screen that brings up the menu. On the left side of the device there are 2 microSD slots in addition to a microUSB port. On the left side there is a volume switch as well, a quick launch button for the camera, and a button that toggles between 3D and 2D. The top of the phone houses the loud speakers, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as the power off button. The back of the phone is bare except for the camera and a silver Nokia logo.

The Nokia N8 has a super 3.5 AMOLED capacitive touch screen. It is a multi-touch screen that allows the user to type quickly and effectively on the virtual keyboard. The display also has a light sensor to adjust auto-brightness. It has a proximity sensor that makes the phone turn off automatically if the phone is left unattended. The screen is covered by a scratch and smudge resistant Gorilla glass.

The phone has a Symbian/ Symbian­ 3 operating system, which is definitely unique since most phones have gone Android. However, it does not mean that the phone is not as great as those with an Android operating system. It is run on a 680 MHz Single Core ARM 11 processor that works alongside greatly with the operating system. This device, at first glance, does not look like a phone that would have a 3D graphics card, but it does. It does not have 3D camera capabilities like some 3D phones, but you can watch 3D videos on it.

The camera is a 12.1 megapixel camera which is above average in quality. It also has a Xenon flash and auto-focus. Some of the camera features on this device are image stabilizer, face detection, exposure control, geo-tagging, and a self-timer. The camera is able to capture 720p high definition videos. There is also an additional front-facing 0.3 megapixel camera that is perfect for self-portraits and video calling.

The Nokia N8 comes equipped with a 1200 mAh lithium ion battery. Those who have tried it claim that the user can get a total of 12 hours talking time in with this device. That is significantly above average and would probably last longer with general use rather than straight talk time. Reviewers also claim that the phone can withstand up to 390 hours of stand-by time.


Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 - Samsung Android smartphone

Ranked highest on most reviews of smartphones for 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S II is a highly desirable phone. Some have even went so far to say that it is the best smart phone to date.

It weighs about 116 grams and 125.3mm in height, 66.1 mm wide and 8.5 mm thick. The Samsung Galaxy S II is slim and light, making it easy to carry in your pocket without it bulging or weighing you down. Despite its lightness, it is still easy to handle. Samsung has given this phone a mesh-like back, making it easier for the owner to keep a grip on it. There is a slight invert on the back to make it more comfortable to hold as well.

The design of the phone is quite simple, which leads to it looking chic. The phone has a 4.3” Super AMOLED Plus display screen. On the face of the phone there is a home button, and the only other buttons are the lock and volume buttons on the left and right sides. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the phone which is slightly counter-intuitive, however it allows room across the bottom for a Micro USB and HDMI slot.

The AMOLED display screen makes this phone great for the video viewer. The display screen provides great viewing angles. In other words, colour and image are only distorted at extreme angles. This means that it is easier to watch movies on the Galaxy. It also means that more than one person can feel comfortable viewing movies on it as well. The display screen tends not to get distorted in sunlight making it a great travel media player as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has an auto-brightness feature, but lacks an active backlight. This may be frustrating for some people, but it also means that you get more battery life out of the phone. Another great battery-saving feature is that the phone only activates pixels that are in use (i.e. displaying content). Tests have shown that users can get up to 20 hours of battery life, with avid use, on this device.

This smartphone is run by Android’s latest operating system, Android 2.3.3, also referred to as Gingerbread. It also contains a 1.2 GHz ARMv7 dual-core processor. With the combination of the two, the phone works at impeccable speeds.

The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with an 8.1 MP camera, which is the same quality as the average digital camera. In other words, it is really a phone and a digital camera combined. It has great resolution and many scene modes such as landscape and portrait and many more. It even has auto-focus, white balance, and contrast capabilities. What is most desirable about the Galaxy’s camera is that it has a macro mode. The macro mode allows you to focus even when the camera is extremely zoomed in.

It excels in terms of physical appearance and in terms of software and multimedia applications. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S II has set the standard for all future smartphones.


Unlocked Nokia E6 Touchscreen smartphone

The Nokia E6 is an upgrade on the older E71 and E72 smart phones. This phone is equipped with a very nifty VGA touch screen and has a much more refined symbian system. Not to mention the E6 has an exterior made of stainless steel which adds to the phones allure. The E6 along with its VGA touch screen has upgraded on the screen resolution which. The phone though could have had HDMI and more application options but this phone is primarily a business phone and that is what the phone stays true to.

The E6 has an inbuilt memory of 8Gb so there is no memory card with the phone, instead you get a charger, a USB cable and a headset. The phone has a 2.46” inches screen and it is one whole piece with a comfortable weight.

The Phone even for an E series has a much more somber and mature look, but the phone features are anything but as the E6 screen is actually very bright and have very good overall contrasts. The D-pad is a very welcome tool for usage when scrolling through lists and menus and browsing as well.

The keyboard that is equipped on to E6 (a standard QWERTY) keyboard is similar to a few of the other nokia models that are available on the market. The right side exterior of the phone is very busy with the volume controls, recorder button and the voice activation command buttons all situated there was well as the slide lock. While the USB port, the Micro SD, audio jack and the power key are located on the other sides.

The E6 has a very impressive 8 megapixel camera on its back side and underneath the backside is the very impressive battery of the E6 which gives extremely good battery time even with excessive usage of the phone’s various capabilities.

The phone book of the E6 is pretty much the same as the other phones available from nokia but there are a few aesthetic changes especially with the two tabbed contact details which exhibit primary details and the second tab lists the more refined details for the contact.

The E6 has very good phone reception and audio quality and therefore it is a very good business phone and like a good business phone it has a very efficient system regarding messaging.

The E6 has highly developed audio and video galleries but the interesting aspect about this phone is that it offers image editing and video editing. The former allows the user to apply effects or text and other options while the video editor allows slideshow creation and video making from pictures etc. The music player of the E6 is visually very pleasing and allows a lot of customizations too while its audio output quality is top notch

The E6 is a step in the right direction for Nokia who have been facing tough competition in the market. The E6 incorporates the new features that other giants Apple and Android are famous for but it keeps it E series look and will definitely keep its strong customer base and for those users this phone is a good investment.


Unlocked Nokia E7 Touchscreen smartphone

In first glance the Nokia E7 is a striking resemblance to the N8 but it comes with a QWERTY keyboard then a keypad and a much larger and sophisticated display as well.

The phone in its factory packaging comes with a charger, a data cable, a miniature HDMI cable and a headset. The E7 is very large in size but seeing how it is a communicator the size factors in little compared to the actually handling of the phone and the ease with which it can be done and comfort associated with it though even for a big phone the E7 is remarkably slim.

The Top of the phone has a single button that manages the power function, the screen locking and the profiles options. Alongside this button are the audio jack and the charging port for a microUSB. The port for HDMI is also located at the top of the phone with the others above described functions. The backside of the E7 is where the degradation with respect to N8 occurred because the E7 has an 8MP camera and the back with dual LED rather than the 12MP camera that comes with a xenon flash with the N8. The back side also has a secondary microphone and a loudspeaker. The phone has a huge battery but even then the battery timings are low compared to its counterparts but with heavy usage the battery does last roughly two days and that is a fair output.

The E7 has a larger screen to the N8 at 4” and the screen of this phone is impressive to the say the least. The image quality is very good, and viewing at angles is very impressive too. Visibility even under the sunlight is pretty good and the screen resolution is also pretty impressive.

The slider of the phone has been expertly designed as it is a lot more solid and inspires more confidence with usage and remarkably the slider does not add to the width of the phone and is surprisingly thin. The phone is very sturdily built as has been said and with its size the keyboard was very comfortable and easy to use.

The interface is different and hosts different panes, which you can edit and fill with widgets, though the structure for the menu has not been altered much and is the same as previous versions.

The phone book is impressive allowing for easy scrolling through the list and the list being displayed on one side while relevant date on the other to allow greater flexibility. Telephony aspects for the phone were excellent with great reception, and audio quality.

The multimedia especially the image gallery was disappointing but it was made up for with the music player which improved vastly visually and enhanced automatic sorting of data coupled with good sound quality.
The E7 is a good phone in its category and with its operating system it is one of the best out there from Nokia but the phone lags behind to competition from other participants in the market and with a comparatively higher price and less software support and applications the E7 does little to attract customers.