Unlocked Nokia E7 Touchscreen smartphone

In first glance the Nokia E7 is a striking resemblance to the N8 but it comes with a QWERTY keyboard then a keypad and a much larger and sophisticated display as well.

The phone in its factory packaging comes with a charger, a data cable, a miniature HDMI cable and a headset. The E7 is very large in size but seeing how it is a communicator the size factors in little compared to the actually handling of the phone and the ease with which it can be done and comfort associated with it though even for a big phone the E7 is remarkably slim.

The Top of the phone has a single button that manages the power function, the screen locking and the profiles options. Alongside this button are the audio jack and the charging port for a microUSB. The port for HDMI is also located at the top of the phone with the others above described functions. The backside of the E7 is where the degradation with respect to N8 occurred because the E7 has an 8MP camera and the back with dual LED rather than the 12MP camera that comes with a xenon flash with the N8. The back side also has a secondary microphone and a loudspeaker. The phone has a huge battery but even then the battery timings are low compared to its counterparts but with heavy usage the battery does last roughly two days and that is a fair output.

The E7 has a larger screen to the N8 at 4” and the screen of this phone is impressive to the say the least. The image quality is very good, and viewing at angles is very impressive too. Visibility even under the sunlight is pretty good and the screen resolution is also pretty impressive.

The slider of the phone has been expertly designed as it is a lot more solid and inspires more confidence with usage and remarkably the slider does not add to the width of the phone and is surprisingly thin. The phone is very sturdily built as has been said and with its size the keyboard was very comfortable and easy to use.

The interface is different and hosts different panes, which you can edit and fill with widgets, though the structure for the menu has not been altered much and is the same as previous versions.

The phone book is impressive allowing for easy scrolling through the list and the list being displayed on one side while relevant date on the other to allow greater flexibility. Telephony aspects for the phone were excellent with great reception, and audio quality.

The multimedia especially the image gallery was disappointing but it was made up for with the music player which improved vastly visually and enhanced automatic sorting of data coupled with good sound quality.
The E7 is a good phone in its category and with its operating system it is one of the best out there from Nokia but the phone lags behind to competition from other participants in the market and with a comparatively higher price and less software support and applications the E7 does little to attract customers.