Unlocked Nokia E6 Touchscreen smartphone

The Nokia E6 is an upgrade on the older E71 and E72 smart phones. This phone is equipped with a very nifty VGA touch screen and has a much more refined symbian system. Not to mention the E6 has an exterior made of stainless steel which adds to the phones allure. The E6 along with its VGA touch screen has upgraded on the screen resolution which. The phone though could have had HDMI and more application options but this phone is primarily a business phone and that is what the phone stays true to.

The E6 has an inbuilt memory of 8Gb so there is no memory card with the phone, instead you get a charger, a USB cable and a headset. The phone has a 2.46” inches screen and it is one whole piece with a comfortable weight.

The Phone even for an E series has a much more somber and mature look, but the phone features are anything but as the E6 screen is actually very bright and have very good overall contrasts. The D-pad is a very welcome tool for usage when scrolling through lists and menus and browsing as well.

The keyboard that is equipped on to E6 (a standard QWERTY) keyboard is similar to a few of the other nokia models that are available on the market. The right side exterior of the phone is very busy with the volume controls, recorder button and the voice activation command buttons all situated there was well as the slide lock. While the USB port, the Micro SD, audio jack and the power key are located on the other sides.

The E6 has a very impressive 8 megapixel camera on its back side and underneath the backside is the very impressive battery of the E6 which gives extremely good battery time even with excessive usage of the phone’s various capabilities.

The phone book of the E6 is pretty much the same as the other phones available from nokia but there are a few aesthetic changes especially with the two tabbed contact details which exhibit primary details and the second tab lists the more refined details for the contact.

The E6 has very good phone reception and audio quality and therefore it is a very good business phone and like a good business phone it has a very efficient system regarding messaging.

The E6 has highly developed audio and video galleries but the interesting aspect about this phone is that it offers image editing and video editing. The former allows the user to apply effects or text and other options while the video editor allows slideshow creation and video making from pictures etc. The music player of the E6 is visually very pleasing and allows a lot of customizations too while its audio output quality is top notch

The E6 is a step in the right direction for Nokia who have been facing tough competition in the market. The E6 incorporates the new features that other giants Apple and Android are famous for but it keeps it E series look and will definitely keep its strong customer base and for those users this phone is a good investment.