Unlocked HTC One Max

Image of HTC One Max Silver Unlocked GSM Android Phone

Ten Reasons Users Should Choose HTC One Max

The phablet market became a little bit more crowded when HTC launched the One Max. With its massive 5.9-inch full HD display, the phone positively earns its “Max” designation. The phone also comes with improved UltraPixel camera solution and improved audio quality. The Taiwan-based company sees to have a lot riding on the device and the One Max is without doubt the best smartphone the company has ever launched in terms of capabilities and features. The phone nicely complements other models in the One family and it would be suitable for consumers who find the original One and the low-cost One Mini too small. As a response to other Android manufacturers, HTC seems to cram as many features as possible inside the slim chassis of the One Max.

Consumers in some market, including the United States, typically show little inclination to purchase products from the company, but these considerations could change their mind:

  • Decent processor: Like its smaller sibling, the One Max is equipped with 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor. It is capable enough for handling complex processes and demanding 3D games. Granted, it is somewhat disappointing that the company didn’t opt for the faster Snapdragon 800. Since the LG G2, Nokia Lumia 1520 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 arrived with the faster processor; some consumers could view the One Max as a second-rate option in the high-end smartphone category.
  • It is a One device: The company may have called the phone anything it wanted. But HTC’s new phablet is associated with the popular “One” moniker. It has become HTC’s new brand identity and it is logical for the company to integrate its finest device into the “One” family.
  • Good carrier support: Verizon is HTC’s primary representative in the US market. The HTC One Max comes with 4G support and users can join 100 million other subscribers in the network to access the reliable connection. The carrier has been quite selective with its smartphone choices nowadays, so it could see something special with the One Max.
  • Good storage options: The HTC One Max comes with 32GB of internal storage out of the box and users can still insert up to 64GB of microSD card into the external memory slot. The iPhone and other microSD-less smartphone models have caused all sorts of problem for serious users who typically watch HD movies and install many resource-intensive apps. Users can potentially get a total of 96GB of storage space from the HTC One Max, which would be a nice selling point.
  • Good battery life: HTC manages to squeeze an impressive amount of battery life out of the One Max. The company claims that the phone can last nearly 600 hours on standby and more than a day of continuous talk time with the 3G network. As a comparison, the iPhone 5S offers only 250 hours of standby time and 10 hours of talk time.
  • Large high resolution display: The 5.9-inch display is the most striking feature of the HTC One Max. It is designed primarily for enjoyable gaming, online and multimedia experience. The sheer size and high definition visuals would make the One Max looks more like a compact tablet in the consumers’ hands. Although, the Nokia 1520 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra have been available for purchase; the display of HTC Max is still physically huge by today’s standards.
  • Thin chassis: Despite the huge display, the company still does a marvellous job of making the device slim. At 10mm, it is thin enough and won’t feel bulky in most pockets. One possible issue with the phone is that it could stick out of a small purse or tight pocket, due to its large dimension. But overall, users should find it quite manageable.
  • Fingerprint scanner: The TouchID scanner on the iPhone 5S can help user to access the device by just tapping with the thumb. To provide a similar level of security, the One Max also comes with its own fingerprint scanning technology. However, it should be noted that biometric methods are not fool-proof technology, since some security experts have found possible ways hackers could do to circumvent them.
  • Better UltraPixel camera: With the improved UltraPixel camera, the One Max can deliver outstanding images with its rear-facing lens. That’s possible in part to the improved flash, higher pixel density, updated aperture and enhanced sensor.
  • Good Android implementation. HTC has dabbled in Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS before, but eventually the company chose Android is its primary software platform. Apparently, the company is going to live or die using Android. Consequently, the company delivers its own unique implementation with the One Max. The Sense UI delivers additional functionality that others can’t get with stock Android builds.