Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9780 smartphone

The Bold 9780 is not trying to replace the blackberry legacy nor is it trying to come into competition with the big bad boys of Apple and Android. It is just trying to cater to what it already has and give its customers what they expect and improve their experience. The phone comes equipped with a newer version of the blackberry OS.

In its packaging the blackberry bold comes with the usual headset, micro USB cable and the all important charger but you also get a case for carrying and protecting the phone which is very welcome and a 2GB memory card is thrown into the mix as well.

The phone with its dimension is not the tiniest of the blackberry armory but it is easy to hold in the hand and its weight is comfortable to adjust to as well. The phone is comprised of plastic and a little bit of leather but it still looks good and surprisingly sturdy.

The Blackberry range of phones are not known for having swashbuckling displays and highly developed screens but nonetheless they deliver quality and even without using the most latest technology the bold has a screen that gives good results and is easy to use in an outdoor environment as well. The colors of the screen are nice and crisp and the reflection from the screen is not too much therefore if you are out in the sun or under it as is the case many times you do not need to worry about not being able to read the screen.

The keyboard of the QWERTY is very easy to use and the phone has managed to make the functioning of the keypad still very comfortable even though the size of this device has been reduced from its predecessor.

The phone has the usual stuff located around its body and there are no surprises for blackberry users there. The battery of this bold though is not as impressive as other blackberry’s in the market but still it has done quite well and will last up to three days if you use your phone on a less frequent basis.

The device is small though but for optimal comfort in using the phone it’s better to put both your hands to use.

The interface is helped with the newer version of the OS but frankly the changed are minimal and while the interface does look fresher the overall reality of it is pretty much the same. The icons though have been made a lot more vibrant and been brought together in groups rather than viewed as separate.

The phonebook for bold has been given a much need makeover and that is what was required as the phonebook is one of the best available.

The Bold 9780 is a handy device and if you like reliability and have a lot of work related stuff such as telephone calls and emails coming to you all the time then this device is good, the problem for the Bold is that what it has to offer is also coming from other competitors and in much better packages and perks which is not good news for the Bold.