Unlocked Sony Xperia Play android smartphone

This phone was referred to as the “PlayStation Phone” as eager gamers awaited its release in March 2011. However, Sony was more creative and decided to name it after a line of smartphones they had already produced (Sony Xperia). The Sony Xperia Play is a phone that was marketed specifically toward people who enjoyed playing video games. The device was even designed after the Sony PlayStation controllers.

The black and white Xperia play appears to be a typical phone at 119mm in height, 62mm in width, and 16mm thick. When you slide out the bottom you expect a QWERTY keyboard, but out pops a familiar looking D-Pad. On the left there are direction keys and the right side contains the iconic triangle, square, circle, and X keys of the PlayStation controller. Instead of the pop-out analog sticks, the Xperia Play has flat, touch analog buttons with circles in the middle so your fingers do not get off track.

The left and right shoulder buttons are on the back as per usual. They have conveniently placed the volume buttons between the shoulder buttons so you do not end up turning it down during play. People who have tested out and used the Play have noted that the make is sturdy. In other words, when you slide open the console you do not feel like it will break, unlike some slider devices.

This phone has a 1GHz QualComm MSMB255 Snapdragon processor with an Adreno 205 GPU graphics chip. The Sony Xperia Play runs with the Android 2.3. operating system, Android’s most recent operation system referred to as gingerbread. The Play is loaded with a great OS and processor to support its many needs.

As of now, the phone is suitable and has access to all Sony PlayStation One games. As a bonus to the gamer, Sony has made the Xperia Play with stereo speakers instead of mono outputs. The stereo speakers increase the quality of the audio of the PlayStation One games. Furthermore, the screen resolution is 480 by 854 pixels, which is perfect for original PlayStation games. Sony has added an 8GB microSD which is suitable for a gaming system, considering the PSP only comes with a 2GB card. Even though an 8GB microSD card comes with the device, it has the ability to sustain a 32GB MicroSD card.

On top of being a great gaming system and phone, the Sony Xperia also functions as a camera phone. It has a 5 megapixel camera. The camera contains modes such as geo-tagging and image stabilization. It also has auto-focus capabilities and an LED flash. The Play camera has the ability to take 2592 x 1944pixel images. It can also capture videos.

Sony promises 5.5 hours of gameplay with their 1500mAH battery. The 5.5 hours of game play is easily comparable to that of the PlayStation Portable, which does not even have the added features such as a phone and camera. The Xperia Play can easily work for 22 hours of light phone use.