Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 - Android

Image of Samsung SA-S5570GYSP Cellphone - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Steel Gray

This phone is not supposed to compete with the big bad smart phones but with connectivity and full access to social networking sites through applications and internet the Galaxy mini is a force on its own and it has a market of its own.

This device is one of the most cutest and adorable out there in the market though given its dimensions and structure the screen could have been bigger but besides that there are little problems with this phone and the material of the phone allows for little trouble with finger prints due to its plastic exterior and black color.

The design of the phone is simple and its colors are fresh and exciting, and the device definitely feels good and solid in the hand. The 3.14” inch screen is one of QVGA resolution but for a low end phone that is more than acceptable. The good thing though is that the screen responds to multi touch actions and the contrast of the screen is good and the colors come out fine. The battery of the phone might last if the phone was not powered by android but that is the trade off android phones require a lot of energy and consequently the battery timing is not that good so with heavy usage the phone should last a day or a day and half before it needs recharging.

The phone is charged with Froyo and the TouchWiz interface has been added which makes the interface look pretty and delicate and allows easy usage of the functions. The TouchWiz launcher allows the user to keep a look on the currently running applications and keep a check on them.

The phonebook is touchwiz enhanced and is excellent. It has the much wanted unlimited capacity and it hold all the contact from various sources in one place so there is no need to go back anf forth to find a number. The mini also pack the quick contact features only showing the bare details of the contact while the larger details can be see consequently by clicking. This is a very handy feature and one that the mini really benefits from.

The telephony of the phone was good and calls were sent and received without hassle. The sound and quality was not amazing but it was good and definitely workable.

The messaging application for the mini was surprisingly welcome as it was similar to the other larger smart phones. The synchronizing of Gmail and the generic mail is done in a very efficient seamless way and the visual is also very nice.

The mini like many other android phones reduces the quality of the pictures but It has some really nice effects which are fun to play with and you can browse through either albums or photos. The music player and the video player are basic and nothing that one should be ecstatic about.

The Mini is a very good phone on a budget and a value for money and given the functions it offers you it is a true bargain.