Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace

This phone may look like it is fighting above its weight with the bad boys but it actually is a mid range phone and that is exactly how it was intended by Samsung to bring the android war into mid range cell phones and get the first market capture there.

The Ace has Android Froyo and a relatively powerful 800MHZ processor.

The Ace is an averaged sized phone for an android smart phone and weighs a relatively heavy 113 grams. But the edges are curved which give the phone a better grip and the build quality of the phone is really good and still it is compact and pocket friendly and easily can be put into some space. The design of this phone is very similar to that of the iPhone.

The phone has an average screen and the results with the colors and their brightness and contrast is ok but generally the colors are dull and the screen is not the friendly under the sunlight while viewing at angles also leave much to be desired. The good thing is that the touch screen is sensitive and responsive but it should have been made slightly more sensitive.

The back of the phone houses the 5MP camera which has LED flash but the lens of the camera is totally uncovered and can be easily scratched. The battery for the device is very impressive and offers up to 11 hours in talk time which is very good for an android phone know for eating battery power.

The Ace has Froyo and touch wiz user interface which is visually pleasant and allows you to set widgets and applications on the interface to your liking so you can use them without having to navigate in to menus.

The phonebook of the Ace is excellent ad very easy to manage and navigate through. The different tabs allow you to scroll through the list and also see relevant detail upon clicking but more importantly the phonebook is the one stop for all the contacts and its quick contact feature is also a plus for the Ace.

The telephony of the phone is very good and something other phones should look up to in the same bracket. The sound quality and reception was very good and there was no problem with dropped cal or signals disappearing. Smart dialing is also available with this version of Samsung.

Messaging options are numerous and the Gmail application is an absolute peach and the outlay of that is very delicate and pleasing but its functioning is also very good and the synchronizing of mails is very efficiently done by this device.

The Ace has an excellent organize to keep you planned and set tasks and a very efficient calendar to keep you up to schedule and date.

The Ace is an excellent phone in the mid range category and its high performance camera and the processor along with its sturdy build make it a healthy phone to use bet beware its multimedia functions are not of the high standard we come to expect of Samsung.