Unlocked HTC EVO 3D Android Smartphone

Has dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, better battery, glasses free 3D display, and 3D camera which can capture videos and photos. Low internal memory, call quality is normal rather than good; 3D is displayed only at very few angles and depth. its not the 3D capabilities of the phone which makes it stand out, it’s the better battery life and user friendliness of this phone which makes it an instant hit.

Being a successor to Evo 4G the phone had to live up to it’s expectations, and yes it did. Having a dual core processor (which is also in HTC Sensation), the phone had to be unique. Thus came the 3D camera and glasses free display which made the phone one of the must grab phones of this year.

The phone shares similarity with its ancestor the Evo 4G. it stands around 5 inches tall, and weighs almost 6 ounces. It is easier to hold it in your hand and feels narrower than the Evo 4G. The back cover is comprises of a textured surface thus giving the phone a high quality finish and a luxurious feel when held in the hand.

The phone is equipped with a 4.3 inch qHD Super LCD glasses-free 3D display which is the first of its kind from the HTC’s arena of phones. The colors on the screen are sharp and vivid and make picture or video viewing a pleasure. The 3D technology which has been used in the phone is what makes it unique. It is the same technology as used by Nintendo 3DS and Lg Optimus 3D and gives a very fun experience while watching movies or playing 3D games. The only downside is that the for 3D purpose the phone has very limited viewing angles thus makes 3D gaming a bit of a pain for both the eyes and head due to continuous changing of images from 3D to 2D and then back to 3D.

Other than the beautiful glasses free 3D display, the phone comes with a dual core 1.2 GHz processor which not makes it only fast but more than doubles the speed a normal phone has nowadays. To make the phone even more stand out from the crowd, it is equipped with a 3D camera which takes pictures taking experience to next level. The phone has all the basic connection options along with GPS capabilities. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is the latest version. It has 1GB of memory available for users out of the total 4GB of internal memory. It supports up to 32 GB of external memory.

The phone does not lag when switching from one application to another and senses a click on screen almost straight away. The camera, being one of the first of it’s kind did pretty good job while taking pictures. The only area where the phone lacked or needed improvement was the call quality . it is normal and not very good. Other than this the phone is provided with 1730mAh battery which gives around 6hrs of talk time.