Nokia X7 journey Smartphone

Image of Nokia X7 journey 8MP, Capacitive Touchscreen, Dual-LED Flash, Unlocked World Smartphone (Black)

The first thing to note about this Nokia model is its very unconventional and very streamlined design. The X7-00 has been made to impress and attract and that it does very convincingly.

The X7-00 does lag behind in the sense that Symbian Anna is not as advanced and evolved as Android or the iOS but it still is very decent but because of the applications available for this phone are limited compared to its apple and Google counterparts.

The Nokia X7-00 comes equipped a charger, a head set and a microUSB cable but the added factor is that the factory packaging also includes an 8GB microSD card which is already installed in the device.

The phone as touched on before is a very attractive device and it has a very sci-fi look to it. Both the colors for the phone, black and silver steel look very attractive and the grills on the edges of the phone give it a very classy but modern look. The 4” inch screen is also very usable and matches with the phones personality and it gives very good colors even at sharper angles and the diminishing of colors is pretty low.

The top of the phone plays host to the audio jack, the power key which besides being responsible for its name sake also handles the profiles and screen lock functionalities. The last connection available on the top is the microUSB . The microSD card tray and the SIM tray are also fashioned on the sides of the X7-00. The back of the phone is a very impressive stainless steel structure which houses the 8MP camera. The backside of the phone though does not allow access to the battery and the battery life for this device is not that impressive compared to others in the same category.

The X7-00 is one the Nokia phones with the new operating system the Symbian Anna. With this OS the phones certain aspects such as browsers and interfaces have been upgraded but overall they have the same outlay and the job of integrating the new OS has not been done seamlessly.

The phonebook for the X7 is functional and it allows contacts to be exchanged or synced through the user’s accounts. A useful feature is having most used of frequent contacts which are displayed at the summit of the list and save time and scrolling.

The phone is good with regards to its telephone reception and voice though noise may suffer in environments that have a lot of background noise.
The X7 allows a lot of flexibility with messaging and you can view messages as conversations or as threads. Syncing of Email is very easy to set up and use and tutorials are included for it and multiple email accounts can be set up.

The multimedia abilities of this phone are what make it the prize cath for who buys this phone as the 8MP camera is impressive and it allows video recording at 720p.

Overall this is one of the best devices that have come out from Nokia in some time but considering what it offers other models on the market beat this device but even then features of the phone do hold on their own. In terms of functionality this is a good phone but its most marketable feature is its uniqueness.