Unlocked Apple iPhone 5

Image of Apple iPhone 5 16 GB Unlocked, White

With so much of speculation doing rounds about the newly released iPhone 5, there are some outstanding features that makes it unique from the other smart phones available in the market. The iPhone 5 is one of the thinnest, lightest and fastest device that is made with a high level of precision using the latest LTE technology. It weighs merely 112 gms and is 7.5 mms thin that makes it 18% thinner, 20% lighter with 12% less volume as compared to its previous iPhone versions. The 4-inch Retina screen display is truly remarkable and enables you to have quick access to view more of your web page, inbox messages or other regularly used applications.
Here are some of the other remarkable features that you may be able to find in iPhone 5:

-Faster wireless connectivity
Now, you can experience greater cellular connectivity using the iPhone 5 device as it supports almost all kinds of networks across the world including HSPA+ and the DC-HSDPA. This allows you to have unlimited Internet access and download any content at extremely high speeds that you could have ever imagined. Apple has integrated the 4G LTE technology into their latest device to increase the speed and also conserve the battery life of the smartphone.

-Enhanced audio feature
With its relentless efforts of providing the best audio experience to its users, Apple designers have come up with the unique-Apple Earpods. There were nearly hundreds of prototypes tested on a large number of people to come up with the perfect earphones that fit and sit comfortably in the ears. So unlike the costly headphones available in the market, iPhone 5 offers better sound quality with focus on more clear audio output based on the new noise cancelling technology. There are 3 microphones-one located at the front, the second one at the back and third one at the bottom of the phone allowing users to listen to crisp and clear audio sounds from a chosen location.

-Greater performance with improved speed
iPhone 5 takes care of almost all the browsing needs of the users by offering enhanced performance with its new A6 chip. Now it is much easier to launch most of the applications instantly as it opens all your e-mail attachments or helps to view a web page in a few seconds. The A6 chip that is specifically designed to work with the IOS 6 is capable of providing better performance to the users with higher processing speeds. This allows the users to have greater battery life on their device that can be used for eight hours of browsing, eight hours of talk time and almost ten hours of video playback time.

-Better viewing experience
Now it is possible to capture some stunning images with a high level of precision and detail using the iSight camera on the iPhone 5. This is far more improved in the latest version as compared to the 4S as it provides a panoramic view with more clear and crisp images than before. It also guarantees superior HD video recording output and allows face detection up to 10 faces with focus on greater clarity with less distortion.