Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

This device by Sony Ericsson is a sequel to the Vivaz only it is accompanied with the much powerful android system.

The Xperia Neo in its factory installed packing comes with a charger, a micro USB cable and a headset inside its box. The box also has a 8GB memory card to use up for any storage needs that a user has.

The Company has been designing phones with curves and recently that has become the company’s trade mark and is certainly something that holds them in good stead but it also gives them an advantage as the curvature shape allows the large size of the phone to look smaller and thinner than it actually is and makes it a lot more easier to hold and secure in one’s hand.

The shape of the phone is similar to that if the Vivaz as that is what the inspiration for this device is. The device is made of plastic but that is admirable as that keeps the weight and size balance in check mand manageable.

The 3.7” screen in the Neo is equipped with Led backlight and the color and contrasts of the device are decent and under the sun the screen fares above average. Though at angles the story is totally different and the quality of the visual quickly degrades.

As this is an android phone then according changes have taken place in the interface. Although there are only a few minor cosmetic changes everything else is pretty much the same but the new OS allows this device to have a lot more gaming capabilities. This OS allows us to have 5 different panes with which to decorate our widgets and icons.

The phone book for the Neo in no other words is just simply beautiful. It is very visually pleasing and has nice formats to allow for easy integration while the phone book itself allows us to store extensive number of contacts and store extensive information on them and a quick contact look up is also enable which only displays the bare details of the contact which is what is required most of the time

The telephony of the phone is good with reception judged to be good and the signals held their own too but the issue came with the smart dialing which is just nonexistent in this device.
The messaging of the phone is good and the SMS features of the phone are impressive and smart while synchronizing email is as easy as ever but with most android phones the gmail emal application is separate to the generic mail application.

The gallery is like other droid galleries and it is unfortunate that the picture quality and resolution is decreased but overall the gallery is nice and visually pleasing.

Equipped with android this phone is a good buy, though it lacks certain features especially technical ones that will probably be requirement in 6 months time but till then this is a phone with definite appeal and its available at a lesser price too.