Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc - Unlocked android phone

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is the flagship phone of the company’s enterprise phones. Equipped with a bravia screen and a very attractive and slim design this device is bound to blow you away and make you an instant fan.

This amazing device when shipped from its manufacturing location comes with a USB charger, a micro USB cable and a headset.

The Arc is a large mobile phone but with only 8.7mm in thickness it really is a marvel how thin it is which makes it look very attractive and sleek. The curvature arc of the phone is what makes it such a marvel. The phone is the thinnest from the center and the created S shape gives it a very firm grip in the hand. Unfortunately the glossy exterior and finishing of the device will make smudges and other marks appear on it and careful handling has to be done and care has to be taken of the device to ensure its visual appeal.

The 4.2’ screen has a very impressive resolution and equipped with a capacitive touch screen which is very responsive and sensitive. The screen also has a multi touch system installed to deal with multi tasking plus it was something that had to be incorporated as all smart phones now have this multi touch property.

The display of the Arc is amazing and its colors are very vibrant and bright and even test showed that the Arc had the best contrast. The only issue with the screen is the viewing angles, as the angles increases the fading of the colors increases as well and the contrast erodes rapidly.

The phone incorporates the ginger bread and this it has 5 panes in its interface that can be edited, modified or customized with widgets and other icons available from the list.

The arc has a decent image gallery but the size of the images is reduced and that is a problem with this OS which cannot be altered right now but should certainly be looked in to. The music player is impressive and it has different tabs in which to sort music and it allows seamless mobility in moving from song to song and it is very adept at updating play lists and is visually attractive.

The 8MP camera of the phone is amazing with very high resolution and LED flash and the imaging results are just outstanding. The camera also allows different modifications and set ups and resolution setting etc. The ARC also has an HD recording feature and It records then at 30fps and results of the videos are excellent and most importantly they run without any hiccups.

The phone also has a great browser that allows multiple tabs to opened at the same time which is very handy and the navigation through different pages is very easy to once you get the hang of it.

The Sony Ericson Arc is an exceptional device but you have to dish out money for it but once you do that it is a whole world onto its own which you can have a lot of fun with.