Top ten Android Phones of 2011

Looking at the rapid advance in technologies it is getting difficult for people to choose a cell phone. Cell phones are now getting personalized day by day and thus it is hard to decide what one wants and what not. In the leading market of cell phones, the fastest growing networks of phones are based on Google’s O.S, the Android. This review brings to you the top 10 Android phones available in the market at the moment.

  1. HTC Sensation
  2. Image of HTC Sensation Z710E Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Wi-Fi and GPS - No Warranty - Black
    The first dual core phone from HTC having a beautiful 4.3 inch display and excellent features without the heat up problem that galaxy S 2 faces, this is no doubt the best Android phone available in the market at the moment.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S2
  4. Image of Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 16 GB Unlocked GSM Smartphone, Noble Black
    The first dual core phone having a superb display makes it one of the top around. The only problem is that since it is so thin, it tends to heat up. If that was not the case it would have been number 1.

  5. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  6. Image of Sony Ericsson LT15a Xperia Arc Unlocked Phone with Android 2.3 and 4.2-Inch Multi-Touch Display--U.S Warranty (Midnight Blue)
    The beautiful 4.2 inch phone having 1 GHz processor and a unique design makes this phone stand out of the league. With most up to date Android and a nice camera makes it a feature rich phone and a phone which makes it one of the best around.

  8. Image of HTC Desire S S510E Unlocked QuadBand GSM Phone with Android OS, 3.7" Display, HTC Sense UI, 5 MP Camera, Wi-Fi and GPS--International Version without Warranty
    Taking the lead in the 3.7 inch screen competition is the HTC Desire S. with the latest Android installed and a nice camera with a fast processor this phone fits hand easily and makes the phone fun to use and work with.

  9. HTC Incredible S
  10. Image of HTC Incredible S S710E Unlocked Cell Phone
    A 4 inch Super LCD display, 1GHz snapdragon processor and an eight mega pixel shooter makes this phone one of the best 4 inch screen phones around. Videos are nice and crispy as the pictures are. This phone is worth the money.

  11. Google Nexus S
  12. Image of Samsung Google Nexus S Smartphone with US 3G, 5MP Camera, Android OS, Touch Screen - No Warranty - Black
    Google’s version of their own software with specs same as that of Samsung Galaxy S is better in the sense that the Android software is not topped with touchwiz as galaxy s is thus it makes the nexus S a lot less buggy and thus it stands at position number 6.

  14. Image of HTC Inspire 4G Unlocked Phone A9192, Black
    Big 4.3 inch screen, fast processor, nice HTC Sense integration, nice camera but old design and an year old sales make the phone stand at number 7. It is worth the money and less buggy than many modern phones.

  15. Samsung Galaxy S:
  16. Image of Samsung I9000T Galaxy S 8GB Unlocked Cell Phone with Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth--International Version with 1 Year Warranty (Black)
    High resolution display, fast processor, sleek design brings this phone by Samsung in at position number 8. The phone although nice but is glitch due to touch wiz which is on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

  17. Motorola Atrix
  18. Image of Motorola Atrix 4G MB861 Unlocked GSM Phone with Android 2.2 OS, Dual Core, 5MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Black
    A dual core phone with a long battery time. 5 megapixel camera to takes pictures and record HD videos at 720p. And conversion of a phone into a partial netbook brings the phone into the top 10 phones available in the market.

  19. HTC Wildfire.
  20. The phone is compact and up to date. Has a small screen to it’s advantage for ones and disadvantage for others. The phone carries most of the features in every category thinkable. Disadvantage is the lack of processing speed and memory. It costs a lot less than many phones.